New York City Marathon 2010

On Sunday, November 07, 2010 the NYC Marathon will take place. Runners of different nationalities will come to New York to join in the annual NYC Marathon. The NYC Marathon celebrated it’s 40th birthday in September.
The ING New York City Marathon is said to be as one of the best road races in the world. The NYC Marathon is a popular event with over 700.000 past participants, 2 million spectators to cheer the runners and 315 million television viewers worldwide. Annually, 100.000 applicants are usually joining the marathon to compete for 600.000$ prize money. People who are joining the race may be celebrities, everyday people and world class athletes.
Fans worldwide look forward for the NYC Marathon. The founder of the New York Road Runners and NYC City Marathon, Fred Lebow, changed the face of the marathons forever since the NYC Marathon brought attention to the sport for it offers running programs to encourage character development in children living in under-served communities and physical fitness. In nearly 250 community centers and schools, there are over 50.000 children who take advantage of NYRR programs.

New York Marathon 2010 year
New York Marathon.

Chilean miner running New York City Marathon: “I was going to beat destiny”.
Barely a month after their successful rescue from the Chile mines, Edison Pena has managed to outrun destiny, running 26,2 miles like it was nothing at all.
The Chilean miner was known for jogging through the tunnels while they were trapped underground. This time though, he is not satisifed with just running around for no reason at all. But he plans to run and finish the New York City Marathon.
But with his bad knee, he said it will probably take him 6 hours to finish the race.
“What I thought about as I ran in the mine was that I was going to beat destiny,” – Pena said through a translator at a packed news conference Thursday, hours after flying into New York. “I was going to turn the tables on destiny. I was saying to that mine, ‘I can outrun you. I’m going to run until you’re just tired and bored of me.’
“And I did it.”
No less than marathon world-record holder Haile Gebrselassie greeted Pena as he got off the plane. “It’s incredible,” – was how Pena described their meeting.

On paper, the 28 year-old African has all the credentials to rearrange the marathon landscape less than two years out from the London Olympics, having blown away her opponents at last year’s World Half Marathon Championships in Birmingham with the second fastest time in history. In May this year, she broke the 25km world record in Berlin.
But Yamauchi, 37, who is hoping to emulate three-time New York winner Paula Radcliffe and claim her first victory in a big-city marathon, is experienced enough to know that stepping up to 26,2 miles can be a brutal examination.
“Mary’s half-marathon time is comparable to Paula’s, and Paula ran 2,18 on her marathon debut so we could see something really sensational,” – she said.
“But when I won in Osaka, Fukushi Kayoko was making her marathon debut and she had run 30,50 for 10k and there was so much expectation about what should we do.
“She flew off at 2,20 speed and then died the most horrible death and ended up running 2,40 or something. So it’s really difficult to predict.
“If Mary has done the training for the marathon, as opposed to just carrying on with her half-marathon and 10k stuff, then I think she will do really well.”

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