Josh Groban and local arts school

Multi-platinum singer Josh Groban performs at the Saddledome Thursday night, and will also donate money to a local school from his ‘Find Your Light Foundation’.
In each stop in his ‘Straight To You’ tour, Josh Groban is making a cash donation to a non-profit arts education program of his choice and here, he’s picked the ‘Calgary Arts Academy’.
Groban says the goal of his foundation is to expose every child to the arts, and the ‘Calgary Arts Academy’ shares that objective.
Groban invites the head of each selected non-profit group to his concert so they can be recognized from the stage.
They’ll also get to meet Groban before the show.

Josh Groban and local arts school
Josh Groban.

Josh Groban’s busy touring schedule is affecting his love life – the singer can only land a date if he flies women ‘across the country’ to meet him.
The singer, who previously dated January Jones for three years, is currently single and admits it’s ‘difficult’ to get to know women with his hectic career.
Groban, who has shows scheduled up until the end of November (11), tells Cnn interviewer Piers Morgan: “(I’m) not (dating) at the moment. I’m on tour which makes it very, very difficult to meet people.
“You might stop in a city and have a couple of days off and meet someone really fantastic and the only way to get to know somebody, take them out to dinner, have a second date, is to fly them across the country and that adds an undue pressure.”
Groban reveals he would love to date a woman who is unaware of his fame, adding – “I’m more attracted when someone wants to get to know me on a clean slate. For me it’s easier when someone’s like, ‘What do you do for a living?’”

Classical pop superstar Josh Groban will be brightening up the lives of young Calgary students for years to come, thanks to a donation to a local school that specializes in lighting the artistic spark.
The vocalist, in town Thursday night to perform a concert at the Saddledome, also took the time to announce that his Find Your Light Foundation was making a cash contribution of an undisclosed sum to the Calgary Arts Academy, a public charter school that ‘engages students through arts immersion.’
Groban has been making similar charitable gestures toward nonprofit organizations through his foundation at every stop in his current tour.
“Ensuring every child has the opportunity to experience and arts education is very important to me” – Groban said in a statement. “Calgary Arts Academy shares this goal with me, and it fives me great pleasure to highlight the work they do.”
Josh Van Beers, the principal of the almost 500-student school, was surprised and understandably thrilled when informed of the gift, agreeing that the philosophy of the academy was very much in keeping with Groban’s foundation.
“I think that they’re very similar in many ways, so I think it’s definitely a very good fit” – said Van Beers, who admitted he wasn’t sure how the school had first come to the attention of the artist.
As to how they would spend the money, Van Beers was waiting to hear how much the donation would be as well as get input from Groban and his people. “We’re always looking for funds to bring in additional artists and give the kids different experiences with the arts.”
The Calgary Arts Academy (which was founded in 2003) is open to any child in kindergarten age to Grade 9 on a first-come, first-serve basis, with the only requirement being that the youngsters be willing and able to do their learning in a slightly less orthodox manner.
Representatives from the school (including Van Beers and 17 students) were also acknowledged during the performance.

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