Story from National Enquirer: John Edwards and Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter claimed on Tucker Carlson that she has proof that John Edwards had 18-month affair on his wife Elizabeth Edwards.
Carlson called it the stuff of the National Enquirer, but Coulter insisted it is true.
She said she’d have more details on her Web site.

A source close to the woman says that she confessed to having an affair in phone calls and emails, saying that her work with John Edwards soon exploded into sexual romance.
The shocking allegation — if proven true — could devastate the Democratic campaign, especially because John’s devoted wife Elizabeth is locked in a desperate battle with breast cancer.

“The affair started about eighteen months ago,” a friend says the woman confessed to her. “When they met at a bar, sparks flew immediately.

“She never expected it would turn sexual since John is married and is running for President. But it soon did — and she fell for him.”

In one bombshell email message provided to The NATIONAL ENQUIRER, the woman confesses to a friend she’s “in love with John,” but it’s “difficult because he is married and has kids.”

In another email, she writes: “Last night he actually has amazed me. He is a great man. My heart is loud and my head is silenced.”

Disclosed her friend: “She initially confided in a few of her closest pals that she was sleeping with ‘a married man named John.’

“It became clear the married man was John Edwards. They got together whenever they could, mostly at hotels where Edwards and his campaign staff stayed.”

The woman later spelled it out in a phone call to her pal and talked openly about having an affair with Edwards.

The friend says the woman told her that she “had a crush on John. One thing led to another, and they soon ended up in bed together. But she knew there was no way he was going to leave Elizabeth, a wife battling cancer.”

The ex-Senator’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. This past March, the couple announced her cancer had returned, but said his campaign would continue.

His spokesman said that allegations Edwards had an affair are “false, absolute nonsense.”

The woman’s friend told The NATIONAL ENQUIRER: “As the affair went on, she said that both she and John began to feel real guilty and they decided to end it.”

The ENQUIRER made exhaustive but unsuccessful attempts to reach the woman for comment regarding this article but she would not return phone calls or emails or come to the door of the house where she is staying.

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