No pants subway ride in New York City

Gautrain officials on Monday said they were forced to fine 34 people who dropped their pants on the train this weekend.
About 100 commuters formed part of a Facebook group hoping to stage the first annual no-pants Gautrain ride on Sunday. They dropped their trousers a minute after the doors closed between Rhodesfield and Sandton stations.
However, 34 were arrested and fined R350 each for public indecency.
The “no pants subway ride”, now in its 10th year, is also staged in 50 cities in more than 24 countries.
Gautrain’s Barbara Jensen said they could not allow this behaviour because of other commuters.
“Now I know its being said we don’t have a sense of humour, but we have laws against public indecency” – she said. “The train… is also being used by children…”

No pants subway ride in New York City
No pants subway ride.

Hundreds of passengers of underground train – subway – in New York, United States, casually took off their skirt and pants on Sunday 01/09/2011, while taking part in the event showed spontaneous leg despite freezing temperatures. The 10th anniversary of “no pants subway ride” held by Improve Everywhere that displays hundreds of passenger in the trains in New York that are removing outer clothing from the waist down, even when wearing a jacket, scarf, earmuffs, and other winter clothes to the top of their bodies.
Promptly at three o’clock 03:00 GMT, subway passengers in six separate meeting points across the city rose to the subway that has been determined, behave like ordinary passenger trains generally, such as reading magazines or watching around.
However, once the doors closed at rest before they went down, participants were asked to stand and then release the skirt and pants, which is then put into backpacks and bags. “If anyone asks why you took off your pants, tell them that the pants or skirts are ‘more uncomfortable’” – the instructions made via e-mail to participants.

Did you notice a crowd of pantsless youths commuting around your city yesterday? No, that wasn’t a bad dream.
It was the merry pranksters of Improv Everywhere, taking part in their annual “no pants subway ride”.
In New York City alone, 3.500 riders dropped trou on Sunday, and the event took place in 50 cities around the world, in 24 countries. That adds up to quite a few confused bystanders.
In New York City, riders started at various points around the city’s boroughs. They stepped on the subway fully clothed, then simply took off their pants like nothing was amiss. The key to the prank is to act like there’s nothing unusual about disrobing on the subway. And given the surly nature of the typical train traveler, observers tend to simply roll their eyes and get back to their Kindles.

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