Wing Bowl 2011 and Jonathan Squibb

26 men. Hundreds of Chicken Wings. And only one winner.
Wing Bowl 2011 took place this morning, and it was a Super Bowl showdown, with Jonathan ‘Super’ Squibb emerging triumphant. The bizarre event took place in Philadelphia, and has been going on for 19 years now. This isn’t the first time that Jonathan (a 6’4 accountant from New Jersey) has been victorious at the Wing Bowl. Jonathan has been a formidable contestant for the past few years now, with this event being Jon’s third time at winning the crown.
So how many barbeque slathered chicken wings did Jonathan Squibb have to consume in order to win this prestigious, albeit obscure, title? 255 wings. That’s a new Wing Bowl record, and with an estimated 40.000 calories, that’s a whole lot of chicken. With 3500 calories in a pound, Jonathan may pack on 11 pounds from this competition alone-unless he got sick afterwards, or something.
Squibb’s girlfriend remains proud of her hero. “He remains to stay cute, even covered in wing sauce” – she said. Amongst Squibb’s opponents were stocky football fans with scary names like ‘El Wingadore,’ ‘Lord Bemis,’ and ‘Drunken Mussel.’
So what are Squibb’s plans for celebrating his latest victory? “I’ll probably have a pizza” – he said. Amazing!

Wing Bowl 2011 and Jonathan Squibb
Jonathan "Super" Squibb.

While we wait for the Super Bowl, there are other men who competed in a ridiculously ‘manly’ (and kinda gross) challenge: Wing Bowl 2011.
Every year thousands of fans gather to watch the unhealthiest food challenge in history. This is the 19th year the challenge has gone on and it was at the Wells Fargo Center.
How much wings does one have to eat to win such a prestigious prize?
Jon “Super” Squib, a 6’4 New Jersey accountant ate 255 wings of bbq’d goodness – that’s around 40.000 calories & 2.550 grams of fat for those of you calorie counters out there and landing him a new world record. It was a close competition though – Squibb beat out five time champ Bill ‘El Wingador’ Simmons by a single wing. This is Squibb’s third time winning the challenge.
What did his girlfriend have to say after the competition? “He remains to stay cute, even covered in wing sauce” – she said.

If you’re interested replicating Squibb’s feat, here’s a ‘recipe’ from for Wing Bowl Winner Wings:
255 chicken wings,
5 pounds of butter,
5 10-oz bottles of hot sauce,
1 cup paprika,
1 cup cayenne pepper,
1 cup garlic powder,
10 quarts oil for frying.
In an industrial-sized fryer, heat oil, salt and pepper chicken wings, then immerse in the hot oil until cooked through, about 8-10 minutes.
Meanwhile, stir together the remaining ingredients in a 22-gallon stockpot, pour cooked wings into a discarded refrigerator box lined with aluminum foil. Toss wings and sauce together using two large Scandinavian weightlifters and a John Deere tractor.

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