News about Long Island Serial Killer

The serial killer who dumped his victim’s bodies in the thick brush along several miles of New York’s breathtaking beachfront may have dismembered several of them – law enforcement authorities have told ABC News.
The grisly twist was the latest revelation as police continued to uncover the murderous path carved along Long Island beaches by at least one killer.
Investigators have determined that bones found Monday were human, bringing the body count to nine and possibly 10 victims. It’s still not clear whether a skull found alone Monday was part of victim number 9 or would be victim number 10.
The bodies were strung out over a 3,5 mile stretch of beach with five of the bodies spaced out about 500 feet apart – police said.
The possibility that some of the skeletal remains were dismembered came as police were considering clear cutting the thick brush that has made seaching the area difficult. Police fear that when the brush starts blooming in the coming weeks the search would become even more difficult. Police divers are also preparing to dive in order to search bay waters for more bodies.
Searchers have used cadaver dogs, horses and fire truck aerial ladders to scour the thick vegetation for victims.
Faced today with slashing rains and swampy ground, a helicopter was used for today’s dragnet.
While at least several of the victims appear to have been killed and dumped by a serial killer, authorities had not yet ruled out the possibility that more than one killer was responsible for the growing pile of human remains, which included those of a child.

News about Long Island Serial Killer
Search for Shannan Gilbert.

With two new sets of human remains found on Monday around the Jones Beach area, close proximity of the recovery site along southern Long Island has raised speculation that the un-nicknamed yet well-known serial killer’s victim count has reached a possible 10.
The new sets of human remains found (including a skull and ‘upper and lower extremities,’ follows the recovery of three decomposing bodies were found further up the road on Ocean Parkway exactly a week ago).
Search for more bodies on the Nassau side of Ocean Parkway was suspended Tuesday due to rainy and foggy weather near the ocean – reported Long Island Press in its latest update on the Long Island serial killer. Police are still awaiting forensic tests on the last six victims to determine their sex and identities. Reports speculate that among the second group of four unidentified victims were a child and a mother.
With no clues on the serial killer’s possible identity surfacing, the murderer remains largely un-nicknamed in the main stream media besides a few titles. Speculation if the killer is an ex-cop also exists.
Meanwhile, even as the details on victims are also bleary besides the fact that all of them were prostitutes, the serial killer has come to be dubbed the Long Island “Jack the Ripper” based on the famous “Jack the Ripper” murders in London in the 1800′s. Another title that has caught on is “Long Island’s Craigslist Killer” based on the fact that all his victims used Craig’s List and other sites to arrange meetings with clients.

When the grisly coastal search for victims of a possible Long Island serial killer moved westward from Suffolk County to Nassau County, law enforcement and the public finally caught a break – It looks as if the scandal-ridden, corrupt Nassau County Police crime lab will not be involved in the case in any way.
Incredible as it may seem for New York’s richest county per household income – and 11th in the entire country, Nassau’s police crime lab produced so many errors in evaluating evidence that it was shut down just a few weeks ago.
Even the county’s top politicians, Democratic D.A. Kathleen Rice and Republican County Executive Edward Mangano, both implicated Nassau’s police officials – not just the lab’s technicians – in the corruption when they announced the total closure of the police department’s crime lab in the county of 1,5 million in mid-February.
Yesterday, April 11, the search on Long Island’s South Shore uncovered a skull and a torso a mile apart, both in Nassau County and several miles west of where previous bones were found in Suffolk County.
Officials say the search of Nassau’s beaches has now been completed. The bones, according to the Post, were taken to the Nassau County Medical Examiner’s Office. Luckily for the public – and unlike the setup on shows like NCIS and CSI – the police crime lab is a separate entity.

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