Cane Corso Mastiff kills a boy

A tamed Cane Corso Mastiff killed a 4-year-old boy by the name of Jayelin Graham in Brooklyn.
Most of the people across the world keep pets to safeguard their homes and property, but sometimes those same pets can turn against you. A 4-year-old boy by the name of Jayelin Graham was killed by his family dog, after being attacked inside his own apartment. The dog was a Cane Corso Mastiff and according to its owners, it had been tamed and used to live with the family.
Jayelin Graham was attacked and bitten multiple times by the Cane Corso Mastiff. Most of the bites were around the head, neck and torso, from heavy bleeding took place. The deadly attack took place on Friday night, when most of the family members were at home. Jayelin Graham was rushed to the nearest hospital but by the time he had reached. He was dead. The boy was pronounced dead at the Brookdale Hospital according to spokesman Andrew Rubin.
According to sources – there were two other small children in the house, a 2 and 5-year-old boy, but they were not harmed by the Cane Corso Mastiff. The New York Animal Care and Control agency have removed the Cane Corso Mastiff as well as a German Shepard from inside the apartment and investigation is going on as to what might have caused the Cane Corso Mastiff to attack the child.
A Cane Corso Mastiff is a large Italian dog which is kept mostly as a guard dog or as a hunting partner. It is more muscular and athletic than most of the other Mastiffs, and people usually keep it to scare off intruders from their vicinity. The weight of this dog varies from 40 to 50 kg, and it is a moderately tight skinned dog. A Cane Corso Mastiff appears mostly in two coat colors – black and fawn and its coat is also sometimes shiny.



A 4-year-old boy was mauled to death by a family dog as he and his two brothers played in a bedroom of their apartment in Brooklyn, the authorities said on Saturday.
The boy, Jayelin Graham, suffered ‘multiple bite wounds’ on his head, his neck and other parts of his body, said a law enforcement official.
The attack occurred about 9:20 p.m. Friday in the family’s first-floor apartment, at 2169 Pacific Street, in Brownsville – the police said. The Brooklyn district attorney’s office and the city’s health department were investigating.
Detectives and a spokesman for Animal Care and Control of New York City could not say what caused the dog, a male Cane Corso who is 7 or 8 years old, to attack.
The boy’s mother (Saquina Jubeark) told investigators the attack occurred after she and her children had returned home from a shopping trip. Jayelin and two of his brothers (ages 2 and 5) had gone into a bedroom.
Ms. Jubeark, who had her 10-month-old daughter in her arms, realized she had left keys in a stroller in the hallway and went to get them. At some point, the law enforcement official said, she noticed it was very quiet and ‘opened the bedroom door and noticed the dog standing over Jayelin and biting him.’
The other children were hiding by the bed.

The alleged owner of the large dog that police say savagely mauled a four-year old boy to death had trained his animals to be aggressive and called them “monster dogs” – reports the New York Post.
A neighbour to the Brooklyn family, Robin Parkinson (56) told the paper Damian “Dread” Jones would “hang stuff on trees or the school yard fence – stuffed animals or footballs – just so his dogs could rip the stuff up.
“It was an accident waiting to happen” – she said.
“[Mr Jones] could clear the block with them dogs” – Ms Parkinson said. “He used to punch them in the heads, kick them in the ribs, brutal”.
Neighbours said Mr Jones was rarely at the house where his wife, Saquina “Honey” Jubeark (24) and three sons lived. Two other boys, ages five and two, were unharmed by the dog attack.
Police say the mother may face criminal charges after her son Jayelin Graham was mauled to death Friday night.
Jayelin was pronounced dead on arrival at Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn after a horrific attack by his family’s Cane Corso-mastiff mix – police said.

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