Christina Aguilera turns 32

Another year older and Christina Aguilera still hasn’t run out of new hairstyles to try!
Sharing the sam birthday as Brad Pitt, 49, and Katie Holmes, 34, the “Your Body” singer turns 32 on Tuesday, Dec. 18.
“Thank you Fighters for the many sweet birthday messages today!” she tweeted to her fans with a link to a video of them wishing her a happy birthday. “Let There Be Love to you all! XoXtina.”
In an interview with ABC News in October, the mother to son Max, almost 5, said she doesn’t mind getting older. “I am enjoying being a woman now. Every year I think, this is going to be a great year, a new chapter. And it is” – the Mouseketeer-turned-teen pop sensation. “I enjoyed being young but I would never relive my teens. Those are hard years for everyone.”
Aguilera has had quite the big year with the release of her seventh studio album (Lotus) and the 3rd season of The Voice. But it’s her colorful hairstyles that has also been earning The Voice judge a lot of attention.
From long, hot pink extensions to short, black tips, to rainbow braids, Aguilera has never been too shy to try a new style and set a new trend.

Christina Aguilera turns 32
Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera turns 32 years old today, so in honor of her birthday we decided to look through our Aguilera archives to see how far she’s come, style-wise. And if the pictures above are any indication, even in her teens Aguilera loved to make a fashion statement.
One of Aguilera’s first public appearances was back in June of 1998 when she was just 18 (left). It was also the first time she displayed her love of over-the-top hairdos – she donned wavy twists and an all-green outfit that included a sparkly crop top, leather pants and matching eye shadow (and let’s not forget that bejeweled belly tattoo, too).
For another event in January of 1999 (center), Aguilera went for a more reserved hairstyle and a fresh face, but made sure to turn heads in an icy blue leather-like trench and (once again) a sparkly crop top.
A third TRL-era outfit we had to share? The star in a cropped pink cardigan (hmm do we spy a trend here?), gold belly chain and a pink leopard-print mini skirt, which she wore in August of 1999 (right).
So – teenage Aguilera was drawn to crop tops, bold hairstyles and body jewelry, while today’s Aguilera prefers the no-pants look, bold hairstyles and crazy hats. Now that we think about it, not that much has changed!

Not only is tonight the The Voice Season 3 live finale, but it’s also our girl Christina Aguilera’s birthday! The pop diva, sometimes referred to as Legendtina Goduilera, has much to celebrate in the coming year, but we’d like to take this time to celebrate her.
After years of telling us what a girl wants and creating a loyal following of fighters, Xtina has become an inspiration to us all. Here’s why:
1. She doesn’t mind lending her talent in times of tragedy. When Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, Christina (born in Staten Island) flew cross-country to perform in a benefit concert which raised millions of dollars for the relief effort. And after the tragedy in Connecticut, Christina and the rest of the Voice cast sang in tribute to the fallen victims.
2. She’s still got it. Girl, we hear you! After more than 10 years in the biz, our girl still has incredibly impressive pipes. And though her new album, Lotus, wasn’t exactly a chart topper, we recognize talent when we hear it — kind of like a coach in the blind auditions.
3. She’s a class act. Xtina’s received plenty of hate from The Wanted to enraged Bieber fans, but she rarely responds or gets involved. Sure, she and Adam Levine had a squabble last season over contestant Tony Lucca, but the coaches remain close friends and have smoothed over all differences. In the words of Mary J. Blige: “No more drama in my life.”
4. Her two favorite accessories are wigs and fans. Half the reason we tune in to The Voice each week is to see what crazy look Xtina is rocking. She is slightly predictable in that there’s a 90 percent chance that ensemble includes a brightly-colored wig and an over-the-top fan. Homegirl even fans herself while performing with an afro and sky-high heels. Respect.
5. She could care less about other people’s opinions. After years of criticism for her weight and eccentric attire, Christina has proven to her fans that she really is beautiful, no matter what they say. In a world of size 0s and eating disorders, Xtina works her fuller figure at every possible opportunity. Work it, Lady Marmalade!

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