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Sochi Olympics and Google Doodle

Thursday’s Google Doodle is a not-so-subtle pre-Olympics shot at Russia’s less-than-stellar record on gay rights. The doodle (which is also featured on Google’s .ru Russia address) features a series of winter athletes set in rainbow colors, with a pointed quote from the Olympic Charter below Google’s search bar. Clicking the doodle itself also points users […]

New York Times site is disrupted in attack by hackers

The New York Times Web site was unavailable to readers on Tuesday afternoon after an online attack on the company’s domain name registrar. The attack also forced employees of The Times to take care in sending e-mails. The hacking was just the latest of a major media organization, with The Financial Times and The Washington […]

The GTA 5 gameplay video

Grand Theft Auto 5 publisher Rockstar Games released the game’s first gameplay trailer today, giving an overview of the massive open world of Los Santos and what you’ll be doing in it. The trailer begins with shots of flying planes, piloting boats and driving cars around town, and shows off the wide variety of environments […]

Facebook goes down for many users

Facebook said some users were briefly unable to access the site because of a technical glitch. The social networking site with more than one billion users worldwide said on Monday it made a change to its domain name system set-up. The change resulted in some users temporarily not being able to reach the site. The […]

Auguste Rodin’s 172nd birthday

The search engine has replaced the multicoloured Google logo on its homepage with an illustration depicting Auguste Rodin’s famous sculpture The Thinker. Rodin (born in Paris in 1840) is widely believed to be the founder of modern sculpture. A traditional sculptor who eschewed the predominant figure sculpture tradition of the times, Rodin’s work was initially […]

Service “Google Fiber” launches in Kansas City

Sonya Andrews may not be the first on her block to tap into Google Inc.’s much-hyped, hyper-fast Internet hook-ups announced Thursday. But her neighborhood could be one of the first in Kansas City to get an express lane to the web. “I don’t know about anyone else” – she emailed her Coleman Highlands neighbors in […]

The Pirate Bay closed down

The Pirate Bay is down at the moment. So naturally people start to get worried. Those who wonder whether their ISP has started to block access to the site can be assured though, the downtime is global. Still, every time the site goes offline for a few minutes thousands of people start to worry that […]

Facebook buys Instagram for $1 bn‎

Facebook on Monday announced a billion-dollar-deal to buy the startup behind wildly popular smartphone photo sharing application Instagram. The big ticket purchase was seen by some as a move by Facebook to strengthen defenses against Google and blazingly hot newcomer Pinterest in the weeks ahead of what promises to be a history-making stock market debut. […]

Facebook massive changes

In the lead-up to the f8 conference, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg unveils more new features for the site – but the initial reaction around the net is far from positive. Mark Zuckerberg must have something big up his sleeve for Thursday’s f8. Facebook on Tuesday night unveiled the third (and biggest) update to the social […]

Google’s Alexander Calder birthday

Google published a doodle today that commemorates artist Alexander Calder with an interactive sculpture that sways when a person tilts an accelerometer – equipped laptop. Calder is famous for sculptures he called mobiles – hanging weights and struts that are carefully counterbalanced so they slowly drift into new configurations. The Google doodle, published on Calder’s […]