The GTA 5 gameplay video

Grand Theft Auto 5 publisher Rockstar Games released the game’s first gameplay trailer today, giving an overview of the massive open world of Los Santos and what you’ll be doing in it.
The trailer begins with shots of flying planes, piloting boats and driving cars around town, and shows off the wide variety of environments available in Rockstar’s representation of Southern California – “mountains and oceans, expensive stores and strip malls, urban decay and untouched wilderness, beaches and backwoods,” the trailer’s narrator points out.

The GTA 5 gameplay video
GTA 5.

Rockstar has also confirmed that on the GTA 5 release date, the game will be immediately available to buy on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. It is still yet to be confirmed if the game will launch on PC, Wii or even if a cut down game will appear as an app.
To whet the appetite of bloodthirsty, trigger happy, virtual gangsters, Rockstar has released a ton of screenshots and an official trailer. Below is the trailer.

GTA 5 will be the 15th game in the fantastically successful franchise, and Rockstar have promised that it will also be the biggest – with a game world larger than GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption and GTA: San Andreas combined. Players will reportedly be able to explore the world in a number of new vehicle types, including a range of planes and even a submarine. The new trailer itself goes further than this, promising everything from “the sublime” to “the ridiculous”.
The most radical departure from GTA 4 will be a multi-character structure focused around three individuals: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Rockstar has said that players will be able to switch between the three at “nearly any time” and have already release a series of trailers setting the backstory for the trio. The new trailer gives more details of this system, showing how players can toggle between the three protagonists.

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