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Mayan calendar and 12/21/2012

Friday, December 21, 2012 is the date that the 5.000-year-old Mayan calendar ends. Some say that this means the Mayans predicted the end of the world. “The Mayans never predicted the end of the world” – said Dr. Peter Dunham, a Cleveland State University professor who teaches about the Maya. “They have a calendar cycle […]

Felix Baumgartner flying faster than the speed of sound

Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian daredevil, said that “20 tons have fallen from my shoulders” after becoming the first man to break the sound barrier. “I think 20 tons have fallen from my shoulders. I prepared for this for seven years” – he told German-language ServusTV in Austria in his first interview after the leap. Referring […]

Summer Solstice 2012

Summer officially kicks off today, with the summer solstice marking the longest day of the year on June 20 – at least in the Northern Hemisphere. This year’s summer solstice takes place a day earlier than it’s been for the past three years, due to the fact that 2012 is a leap year—this February got […]

Super moon 2012 – Saturday night

According to NASA’s calculations – Saturday night is when the moon will hit your eye like a big pizza pie, to paraphrase Dean Martin. It’s “super moon” time. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is letting its enthusiasm show in a new video on the subject. “The timing is almost perfect” – it notes. At […]

Solar flare running toward Earth‎

U.S. politics had its “Super Tuesday” yesterday, and so did the sun – says Joseph Kunches from NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado. That’s because the sun had two solar flares associated with two coronal mass ejections. Coronal mass ejections involve massive amounts of energy and charged particles shooting out of the sun, […]

Geminid meteor shower 2011

Gemenid meteor shower watchers can’t figure out where all the material in the event comes from. Asteroid 3200 Phaethon, the apparent source of the Gemenid meteor shower, doesn’t seem to shed enough rock and dust to account for the shower’s intensity. Roll up, roll up for the mystery (meteor) shower – the Geminids. By now […]

Yuri Gagarin (First human in space)

Fifty years ago today, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to experience outer space. Beforehand, he wrote a poignant letter to his wife, telling her to remarry if he didn’t survive. But his last conversation before liftoff, according to secret recordings only now released by Russia, was decidedly less sentimental, peppered with swears […]

Daylight savings time 2011 begins

Tonight is the start of Daylight savings time 2011 and this will be officially starting at 2:00 am this March 13, 2011. Most of the residents in the United States must set their clocks one hour ahead to 3:00 AM with the exception of Hawaii and Arizona. Most of the countries in Europe observe Daylight […]

The Lunar Eclipse December 2010

Last December 13, 2010, star gazers and sky watchers enjoyed the bright Geminid meteor shower. For those who missed watching and witnessing this phenomenon, don’t fret because this December 21, 2010 there will be another meteor shower: the Ursids meteor shower according to The Ursids meteor shower aren’t supposedly bright enough as the Geminid. […]

Geminid Meteor shower – december 2010

The Geminid Metor Shower are caused by the object 3200 Phaethon, an asteroid with an extraordinary orbit that brings it closer to the Sun. Geminids are slow moving and can be seen in December. Geminid Meteor Shower 2010 is happening now. One of the maximum nights of the showers is on December 12. But it […]