Death of Matt Hughes (Storm Chaser)

The death of the 30-year-old Storm Chaser Matt Hughes triggered a lot of questions regarding the cause of his death. Some thought that his unfortunate passing was Nature’s way of reminding him that chasing after storms is a troublesome business. A lot more say that Hughes died from complications that he acquired after a failed suicide attempt.
Though it has not been confirmed and will forever be a theory, Hughes was said to have been dealing with a lot of personal issues and emotional conflicts. A friend of Hughes posted a blog saying that the brave man was suffering from depression. Domestic issues were piling up – and Hughes was only human.

Death of Matt Hughes (Storm Chaser)
Matt Hughes (Storm Chaser).

Matt Hughes Storm Chaser Death – Matt Hughes is on the verge Wednesday of Discovery Channel. Matt Hughes, a meteorologist who was featured on the Discovery Channel series ‘Storm Chasers’ is a highlight of the series the next episode. According to, a special episode of Storm Chasers called ‘dedication’; Matt has a tracking feature incredible “and is dedicated to his memory.”
Hughes died five months ago in Wichita, Kansas, more than his hunting activities. Discovery Channel meteorologist site posted some pictures later, recalling his contribution to the event. cable channel has also shown that a special memorial fund has been established to benefit Matt’s two young children.
The heartbreaking episode, you see his team struggle with his death was “unrelated to the storms back” and rumored to be due either to suicide or injury in a suicide attempt.
Matt Hughes only 30 years. It leads ‘Dog House’ tornado chase vehicle. Matt Hughes is survived by his wife Kendra and their two son, Hunter and Collin.

Your first assumption may be that Matt Hughes’ death was related to one of his Storm Chasers adventures, but sadly, Hughes died from an injury sustained from a failed suicide attempt.
Matt Hughes leaves behind a wife and two sons.
While Matt Hughes’ death was “unrelated to his storm-chasing activities.” It’s sad to hear that this 30 year old died after trying to take his own life.
Matt Hughes died on May 26.
The Discovery Channel website’s statement on Matt Hughes’ death – “Our thoughts and prayers are with Matt’s family, and we ask fans to kindly respect their privacy. A special memorial fund has been established to benefit Matt’s two young sons.”

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