Results of California election 2010

According to the 2010 California election results, Arnold Schwarzenegger is replaced by a democratic successor. Jerry Brown won the predicted election as governor in California. CNN and MSNBC reported, citing election polls, that Republican challenger, former eBay chief Meg Whitman is set against Brown.
Brown, 72, is a career politician with a dazzling past and many years of office experience. He has already been governor of California 1975 – 1983. Political newcomer Whitman came out of their managerial skills with which they wanted to save the country from its severe financial crisis. Ex-eBay boss has more than 140 million dollars from his pocket in the electoral battle. It was (in addition to the presidential elections) the most expensive race in U.S. history.
Schwarzenegger to resign after two terms of the political scene in Sacramento.

Results of California election 2010

We’ve been following all the news and results from the Midterm Elections 2010 and it has become evident that the Republicans have, as expected (gained control of the House of Representatives)although the Democrats have held onto the Senate.
However we want to take a deeper look at the California election results 2010. Interestingly in California the voters have gone against the tide of the rest of the country by giving their support firmly to the Democrats. Jerry Brown for the Democrats won the gubernatorial race. He was up against Meg Whitman for the Republicans.
Senator Barbara Boxer has held on to her seat for the Democrats against Carly Fiorina the senatorial candidate for the Republicans. It’s been a big night for American politics but there’s no doubt that in California at least, the Democrats are still in charge.

California Election Results 2010 have now been unveiled. A bill was proposed on Tuesday’s mid term election to authorize the sale of marijuana in the golden state has been defeated by the voters.
Proposition 19 which was put together by California’s Rep. Tom Ammiano would have contributed 300 million dollars a year – according reports the marijuana industry is worth about 14 billion dollars annually – to the state which is scrambling to find the 21 billion dollars needed for its annual budget.
The legislature which would legalize marijuana for personal use was rejected by almost 49% of the voters who went to the boots, against the 42% who supported it.
The author of the initiative was hoping that marijuana would be sold freely in California to residents who are just over 21 years of age, with a tax of 50$ per ounce (16 grams) going to the state tax and the sale of the drug would be regulated the same way that the sale of alcoholic beverages is controlled.

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