Dan Marino’s mistress Donna Savattere

Donna Savattere (the mistress of NFL legend Dan Marino and mother to his love child) has herself been living with another family after keeping her tryst with Marino a secret for more than seven years.
On Thursday – the New York Post revealed that the legendary Miami Dolphins quarterback had an affair with Savattere in 2005, when she was a production assistant with CBS. Marino has worked as a pregame analyst for CBS in its Sunday football coverage since 2003, and he and Donna Savattere are alleged to have conceived their child at CBS Sports’ studio in Manhattan.

Dan Marino's mistress Donna Savattere
Donna Savattere.

Claire Marino (wife of cheating NFL quarterback Dan Marino) must be mortified that the world now knows about her husband’s affair and love child. But she made the right decision to stick with their marriage. Here’s why.
It must have been devastating for Claire Marino to find out that her husband (NFL legend Dan Marino) had cheated on her and fathered a love child.
She had been married to the former Miami Dolphin quarterback for 20 years and the couple had six children together when her husband knocked up his then 35-year-old mistress, Donna Savattere.
She must have felt sick. She had devoted herself to her husband, they had a beautiful family, and he chose to betray her. Anger, hurt, humiliation, fear and loss must have been just a few of the emotions she felt.


This is Donna Savatterre, Dan Marino’s mistress, a name that will be discussed heavily over the next few days. Donna Savattere is the woman that Dan Marino had an affair with. Check out the list of Donna Savattere photos above and read more about their affair below. We are still looking for more pictures of Dan Marino’s mistress and will update when we find more pictures of Donna Savattere.
In a shocking exclusive from the New York Post, legendary Dolphins QB and hall of famer, Dan Marino has admitted to having an affair and fathering a child with a CBS employee back in 2005. Marino retired from football in 1999 and began working as a pregame analyst for CBS in 2003. According to the New York Post, Marino “knocked up Donna Savattere, a then-35-year-old production assistant at CBS Sports’ Manhattan studio.” Savattere then gave birth a their daughter, Chloe, in June of 2005.
Here is Dan Marino admitting to the shocking news of his affair that broke early Thursday morning.
“This is a personal and private matter. I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then” – he told The Post in a written statement. “We mutually agreed to keep our arrangement private to protect all parties involved.”
Marino has been married to his wife (Claire) for 28 years and has six kids. At the time of this affair, Marino would have been married for 20 years. Despite the news of the affair breaking in a very big public way, Marino says his marriage is doing fine. “And we continue to be a strong and loving family.”
“My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years and have six children together” – he wrote yesterday — which happened to be his 28th wedding anniversary.

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