Jessica Simpson pregnant or not?

Jessica Simpson pregnant? The answer is apparently yes if you believe the people over at The National Enquirer. Last month The National Enquirer claimed that one of Jessica Simpson’s so-called friends came to them and revealed that the star was pregnant for her new boyfriend Eric Johnson. The pal told the tabloid – “Jessica is crazy in love with Eric, so they’ve decided to make a baby. She always said she wanted to be pregnant by the time she was 30.Her priorities have changed and all she can think of is motherhood.She’s happily eating for two – and she’s not in the least embarrassed.”
Another friend of the singer revealed she is with child which would apparently explained why she gained a little bit of weight – “A pregnancy explains her sudden weight gain.Two months ago, she bragged she was in the best shape of her life on Eric’s vegan diet…The biggest tipoff though is that Jess has been hinting to friends that there will be some big news any day from her and Eric.”

Jessica Simpson pregnant or not?
Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson have been dating since May, and recently, the couple went to Italy to celebrate Jessica’s 30th birthday. They seem to spend a lot of their time together and give the impression of a healthy and happy relationship.
At the beginning of this month, Simpson vomited during one of her shows, which led everyone to the conclusion that rumors about her pregnancy might actually be true. A few days ago she stated that she is eager to start a family with her boyfriend Eric and would want to give birth to a baby.
” I’ve never been in such a healthy relationship. I’m like ‘Something’s going to go wrong. Is he going to trip me or something?” – Jessica Simpson said on Tuesday.

Last time during her concert, the songstress threw up. Don’t know if it was the lyrics or that baby kicking inside her, but her vomit video is pretty much available through every online video streaming website by now. If it’s a bun cooking in her oven, then it must belong to Eric Johnson. He and Simpson have been getting coy for a long time.
Some say that Jessica Simpson was already sick before heading on stage. She was on an IV. And reportedly complained about nausea. A doctor as usual stepped in and told her not to go on stage, but oh well, wherever there’s a question of satisfying thousands of fans, our girl Jessica is always on her toes.
By the way, that throwing up scene in the middle of her lyrical climax must have been hilarious.

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