‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2010 winner

Dancing With The Stars ended last night and the winner is not Bristol Palin. Bristol the Pistol landed in third place as Jennifer Grey snagged the coveted mirror ball trophy. The 50-year-old native New Yorker fended off competitors half her age. Grey’s dance partner Derek Hough is now a three time dance winner. Disney channel’s Kyle Massey was the runner up. The 11th season of ‘Dancing’ garnered over 11.5 million viewers an episode and was also the most controversial, mostly due to Sarah Palin’s momma grizzly influence.
‘Who won Dancing With The Stars’ was last night’s hottest searched, according to Google’s trend data.  The ‘spoiler’ news about the winner was revealed by magazine websites.
According to Us Weekly, the winner is Jennifer Grey! The 50 year-old actress defeated former Disney star Kyle Massey and Tea Party darling Bristol Palin.
Aside from Google, this season’s winner, Jennifer Grey is also a trending topic in Twitter.

'Dancing with the Stars' 2010 winner
Dancing with the Stars.

Nobody puts Baby in the corner – not Sarah Palin’s kid or a ruptured disc.
Despite landing in the hospital after injuring her back earlier that morning, Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough won season 11 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on Tuesday night.
“Pain you forget, but this I will remember for the rest of my life,” – she told ABC’s Eyewitness News after the show.
Controversial finalist Bristol Palin and partner Mark Ballas were eliminated first after earning the lowest scores of the night while Disney star Kyle Massey and pro Lacey Schwimmer took second place.
“Congrats Jen,Kyle,Bristol,et al, for proving competition is GOOD!” – Sarah Palin Tweeted after the show. “Remember: ‘They’re going to criticize anyway, so you might as well dance!’”
The finale concluded a controversial couple of weeks in which critics claimed Bristol (who was consistently at the bottom of the leader board throughout the season) had only survived elimination because of voter fraud.
“Winning this would be a big middle finger to all the people out there that hate my mom and hate me,” – she said on Tuesday, only days after receiving threatening mail.

The 50-year-old, who ruptured a disc in her back on Monday, had been the front runner after scoring consistently high marks from the judges.
“The absolute destination for me was the journey. The journey was the gift,” – she said after winning the show.
Former child star Kyle Massey was runner-up and politician Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol came third.
Grey, who also suffered problems with her neck and knee during the series, said her mind went blank just before the winner was announced.
“I was in a surrender moment of whatever happens will be great,” – the trained dancer said.
Palin’s appearance seemed to divide audiences, after one angry man blasted his TV set with a shotgun while watching the show last week.

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