Using the most common passwords

There are so many people on the internet these days. If you do not have the internet then you are considered to be in the stone age; almost everything that you have online is password protected and is supposed to be safe. What is someone could figure out the most common password or hack your information?
Most people are not very wise when they pick their password. The reason most often for choosing an easy password is because it is easy to remember. You may not know it but you yourself could be using the most common password. After Gawk media was hacked and all it’s user’s password put out on the internet for the public to see we now know what the most common password is.
188.279 people’s passwords were hacked and the top password was 123456 and the runner up was password. Maybe they just don’t think that someone would be interested in hacking their information but guess what, they just might be. You should choose a password that will be hard to figure out.
Make sure whatever you do that you do not use the most common password.

Using the most common passwords
Web protection.

Most commonly one of us experienced being hacked in our life on the web. It can be a computer online game account, an email account or our very own computer. The one thing tat most users ignore is the importance of a password. People seems to ignore this that they just put any password that comes into their mind and these passwords are commonly those that can easily be remembered.
The first thing one has to do is to avoid using the most common password since many hackers know this exactly. According to the Wall Street Journal which analyzed the leaked user password of Gawker Media user database, some 3.000 users choose the password ’123456′. Beside this password, some 2.000 users use ‘password’ while another 1.000 users chose ’12345678′. These passwords are the password which you should avoid at all times.
Besides the top 13 which we will be posting other passwords that was very common among users were ‘gizmodo’ (#19), ‘starwars’ (#23), ‘f—you’ (#31), ‘gawker’ (#40) and ‘internet’ (#50). As a result of these passwords being used Twitter had also experience a spam attack and the popular business social networking site LinkedIn had also fallen victim.

The top 10 passwords of the 188.279 hacked from the media, gossip and celebrity sites, among others, owned by Gawker Media, that include Gawker, Lifehacker and Jezebel, are:
1 – 123456
2 – password
3 – 12345678
4 – lifehack
5 – qwerty
6 – abc123
7 – 111111
8 – monkey
9 – consumer
10 – 1234
While these passwords are directly related to the Gawker Media websites, and released after the news of the blog-oriented site’s recent database hack earlier this month, the trend is still disturbing in itself. The hackers showed that the top three passwords, i.e. ’123456′, ‘password’ and ’12345678′ were used by over 3.000 users, more than 2.000 users and over 1.000 users respectively.
While hackers have shown previously that Internet users tend to use longer and possibly more complicated passwords for their email accounts, it is a little disturbing to see users choose passwords that have the ability to be so easily hacked.

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