What Stores are open on Christmas 2010?

Wondering what stores are open on Christmas Day 2010? Hardly any.
Even though more stores than usual stayed open this Thanksgiving. And plenty of stores kept later hours this Christmas Eve, stores will widely be closed as typical on Christmas Day.
It’s one of the few days every year in which nearly all businesses are closed across the country. Of course (this year Christmas falls on a Saturday) only solidifying the day off for many.
Walmart, Target, Kmart, Old Navy and Toys R Us were open on Christmas Eve. But will all be closed Christmas Day this year.
However, if you need to make a quick run to the store, Walgreens locations across the country will be open, and many CVS locations will also be open.

What Stores are open on Christmas 2010?
Christmas Day's parade.

If you wanna go shopping today, then you definitely need to know where you should head to. Because most of them are closed. On Walmart’s website it states that the stores are closed, though some people say they’ve seen some open.
Gas Stations are open today and you shouldn’t worry because they are always open. It doesn’t matter what holiday it is. Some grocery stores will be open until 6 – 8 pm, though it will be pretty hard to find one, because most of them are closed.
Also some Starbucks are open, though not all of them. So you might want to check more, if the one near you is closed.
Fortunately tomorrow there will be much more stores open and you will be able to do your shopping then. You will probably have to wait until tomorrow if you are unlucky and the Walmart, Starbucks, or Grocery near you is closed.

Apparently, some reports are saying that Walmart is open on Christmas 2010, but sad to say, Walmart already confirmed in their sites that their stores will be closed during Christmas Day 2010 and will be opened again as early in the morning of Dec. 26, 2010.
Here are the list of establishments and stores that might be opened during Christmas Day 2010. Please read your guide below:
Grocery Stores: These also vary by location. Here you will find batteries, foods, candy, perhaps a small selection of electronics, flowers, baked goods, etc..
Gas Stations: I sincerely hope you do not plan on buying a gift at a gas station, But, with the pain at the pump Americans are experiencing, some gas stations will sell gift cards. Easy way out but it will certainly make a gift that will be used.
Convenience Stores: Some CVS/Walgreens are open on Christmas for limited hours, check your local store’s website for details. Here you can buy batteries, cards, candy, and small electronics.
Meanwhile, some favourite stores for lifestyle are open during Christmas Day. These includes branches of Starbucks, so this might be a good news for all the coffee lovers out there. And yet, Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds confirmed that they are closed on Christmas. And since this is holiday, people might think that these closed stores will be opened again on the following day.
On the other hand, Wallgreens, IHOP and Waffle House are open on Christmas Day giving the opportunities to all the people for a Christmas Brunch or a hearty Christmas meal.
And lastly, most movie houses and theatres are open and most of the families now have their tradition to go to the theatre and catch a movie on Christmas Day.

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