Paula Abdul save the Solid Gold Dancers

On the ‘Live to Dance’ show tonight, there were contestants of all ages and skill levels. Three of the most memorable were a trio of Solid Gold Dancers from the 1980′s show.
Judge Paula Abdul was in tears telling the ladies how she used to watch Solid Gold whenever it was on as she was growing up. She told them that they were such an inspiration.
Yet, that was not enough to earn the Solid Gold dancers enough gold stars to move on to the experts’ short list. At least, not at first.
Paula Abdul gave them a gold star to begin with. But judges Kimberly Wyatt and Travis Payne gave them red stars.

Paula Abdul save the Solid Gold Dancers
Paula Abdul.

The ‘Live to Dance’ judges (along with Paul Abdul) saved the Solid Gold Dancers tonight during the show’s debut. While the Mega Millions drawing time was highly anticipated, the American Idol-style dance competition made its mark.
Travis Payne and Pussycat Doll’s Kimberly Wyatt were in company with former American Idol iconic judge Paula Abdul who has undergone a second-wind transformation since leaving the popular show, according to Babble.
Tonight, the ‘Live to Dance’ judges showed the world that they were not surrogates or understudies of Idol. Instead, they showed the world that, along with their choreographer’s eye, they have the intestinal fortitude to just say ‘no’ to the cast of would-be dancers with the somber stories.
Some contend that Idol’s judges did it and imparted human elements to the show instead of a Gestapo-style rule with an iron fist. At the end of the day, it’s business, and the show’s producers have done their homework to make ‘Live to Dance’ distinct from the show that Paula Abdul helped build.
Tonight, the show debuted with a crowd of enthusiasts who yelled and screamed as if it were indeed the beginning season of ‘Idol’. Of course, the cast of characters who would showcase their talent (or the lack thereof) before the Live to Dance judges came in all shapes, sizes, colors, and persuasions, if you will. At one point, it was turning out to be a great circus audition.

The seal clap, the Mad-Hatter’s-tea-party-esque-speak, the ants-in-her-pants gyrations from the judges’ desk, the too-glitzy-for-prime-time outfits.
Paula Abdul is back.
Once again, she’s choc-a-bloc full of ‘I came to teach people what oozes out of you’ and ‘When the hair on my arm stands up and I get goosebumps, you have me!’ Only this time, instead of playing Loopy Den Mother to thousands upon thousands of young wannabe pop stars, she’s spewing her love on precocious moppet zombie dancers and botoxed ‘Solid Gold’ relics.
Her new dance competition series, ‘Live to Dance,’ debuted Tuesday night on CBS and is based on the British show ‘Got to Dance.’
Really, CBS? You couldn’t clear ‘Got’?
Paula was joined by co-judges Kimberly Wyatt (who is a founding member of the Pussycat Dolls and who might want to rethink that hair) and Travis Payne, who, we were told, choreographed with the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson. Wanna bet he talks about his dear friend Michael Jackson at least once per episode?
‘I love Paula so much! Oh my gosh!’ gushed one of the many people we were told turned out to audition for the show in Dance Domes across the country.

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