Comeback of Jeff Dunham

Comedian Jeff Dunham (whose concert two years ago was the first major show at what was then known as the Lucas County Arena) is returning to Toledo for a show at the venue Nov. 27.
Tickets for Dunham’s show at what is now the Huntington Center go on sale September 30 at 10 a.m. through the Huntington Center box office, Ticketmaster, all Ticketmaster outlets,, and by phone at 800-745-3000.
His show will be on a Sunday at 5 p.m. Ticket prices have not been set.
He features ‘sidekick’ puppets and he has added two new characters to his repertoire — Achmed Junior, the son of Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and Little Jeff, who is a doppelganger for the comedian. It’s a new show and if you want a sneak peek there will be a Comedy Central special called Controlled Chaos on September 25.

Comeback of Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham.

Jeff Dunham the world renowned comedian known for using crazy puppets will be performing in Ottawa, Kingston Oct. 23, 2011. Dunham will be stopping by at around 5pm for his ‘Controlled Chaos Tour’ and will be debuting some new puppets such as Achmed junior (aka the son of Achmed the terrorist). Unfamiliar with Achmed? Then it’s time to catch up on your Jeff Dunham.
Jeff Dunham is one of the top earning stand up comedians alive today, and has sold millions of his well known DVDs.Tickets begin selling at 10 in the morning Friday August 9th through as well as at the bank box office.

Comedian Jeff Dunham was the first act ever to appear at the Huntington Center in Downtown Toledo when it opened in October 2009.
Now the ventriloquist is back with his ‘Controlled Chaos’ show November 27.
Tickets for the 5 p.m. Sunday show go on sale Saturday, September 30 at 10 a.m.
In the coming months, Dunham will introduce two new characters – Achmed Junior, the not-as-equally skeletal son of Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and Little Jeff, a mini-version of the ringmaster himself.
The fresh show from the arena-packing comedian will also have its global debut on September 25 as his fourth Comedy Central one-hour TV special, ‘Controlled Chaos,’ bows in North America and makes an unprecedented simultaneous premiere in over a dozen territories worldwide.
Dunham’s performances have made him the top grossing live comedian in North America for three consecutive years as well as the last two worldwide.
Now his ever-growing legion of devoted fans that flock to his shows year after year will meet the newest additions to his suitcase posse. Achmed the Dead Terrorist has to now contend with his rebellious offspring, Achmed Junior – aka A.J. Meanwhile – Peanut has decided that he’s tired of being Jeff’s sidekick and has taken up ventriloquism with his own character – Little Jeff. More hilarity than ever ensues as the never-before-seen characters unleash their own havoc on stage.

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