Singer Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash

If you set out to design a reality TV star, you couldn’t have created a more perfect specimen than Jenni Rivera, the norteno, banda and Mun2 TV star who died Sunday in the crash of a small plane in the Mexican mountains.
She was 43, three times divorced, the mother of five and one of the defining stars of Spanish-language television, where her brassy, no-nonsense style made her such an icon to U.S. Latinas that ABC was developing a sitcom for her, titled just “Jenni.”
Yet she was also “very down to earth” – her oldest daughter Chiquis said in July. “What you see on television is real, but she’s not one of those stars who forgets her family. She knows what it was like to struggle, so she’s always been there for us.”
Rivera developed fragrances, cosmetics and clothing lines, and started the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation, which helps single mothers and victims of domestic abuse.
Rivera was both in her earlier life, and that was just the start of a story that made it unnecessary for her reality show to invent any drama.
She was born into a musical family. But she took a circuitous route to get into music herself.

Singer Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash
Jenni Rivera.

Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera died when the small plane she was traveling in with at least five others crashed in the mountains in northern Mexico, her brother told CNN.
Authorities notified the family there were no survivors – Gustavo Rivera said late Sunday.
There were conflicting reports about the number of people onboard the plane that took off early Sunday from Monterrey, Mexico, and lost contact with air traffic controllers a short time later.
Gustavo Rivera said there were six people, including his sister, her publicist, her lawyer, a family friend and two pilots. Rivera’s father, according to published reports, said there were up to seven people on the plane, though he did not identify those believed to be onboard.
The news from Rivera’s brother confirmed what authorities suspected earlier in the day.
“The aircraft was destroyed, totally fragmented” – Alejandro Argudin, director general of Civil Aviation, told CNN affiliate Televisa. At the time, he said he believed no one survived the crash.

Multiple fans and celebs have said their goodbyes to legendary singer, Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane crash in Mexico earlier today.
Now, her family has decided to speak out on the loss of their loved one.
“We are feeling devastated. It’s a devastation to the family” – her brother, Pedro Rivera Jr., told E! News outside of the family’s home in Lakewood, Calif.
“We were having a beautiful morning and then we received the news from my brother. ‘Go see mom because we can’t find Jenni’s plane, we don’t know what’s happened to her.’”
Rivera continued: “That’s when it started, really early at nine in the morning. I came to my mom’s house. We started getting the news. Then at around 5 p.m., we got confirmation that she was gone. It was so painful.”
Pedro tells E! News that the whole family is together now, except for his brother Lupillo, who is currently in North Carolina and flying out tomorrow, and that they’re planning to fly out to Mexico once the family receives more information.
“When we do find out what has happened with the body, because they have to get it out of the woods there. As soon as they get the bodies out and we receive the news that they’re there, all the family is gonna fly over there and bring our sister back.”
“We don’t know how to thank you for all the love you gave to Jenni and to all the family. It is just so special to have you guys as fans” – Rivera added.
“Life is like that. We live and we die. We may be sad, but when God has the last word for all of us in our last days, it’s time to go. And this was the way Jenni had to go.”

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