New Orleans singer Messy Mya shot dead

Messy Mya, the 22-year-old comedian and Youtube sensation, was shot dead on Sunday November 14th, 2010. According to reports, Messy Mya was shot shortly after attending the baby shower of his girlfriend.
“Mya was shot at around 8pm and lay dying in the street in New Orleans surrounded by a huge crowd. It has been reported that one onlooker took photos of Mya and circulated the images on the social networking site, Twitter.
The photos have since been “re-tweeted” numerous times, and the YouTube star has now become one of the most mentioned names on the site. 22-year-old Mya, who’d gained a large fan-base after uploading his humorous videos onto the Internet, left a message on his own Twitter page early on Sunday that simply read: ‘Finally the baby-shower today’.

New Orleans singer Messy Mya shot dead
Messy Mya.

Reports have been circulating overnight that the 22-year-old YouTube star ‘Messy Mya’ was shot to death in New Orleans last night after attending his girlfriend’s baby shower.
The rumor, which also states that Twitpic photos of the injured man circulated on Twitter just after the shooting, has not been confirmed by any local news sources. However, Messy Mya’s Twitter feed has gone silent, and many people have retweeted one of his final tweets, which is a bit creepy in the context of rumors of his death: “#randonthought [sic] I wounder what people be thinkin bout just before they are bout to die.”
On YouTube, Messy Mya has just over three million total upload views. And while the rumors of his death began somewhere around six hours ago, that’s also the time of the last login to his channel.
Bear in mind that not only has their not been an official announcement on his channel or Twitter feed, but none of the links to Messy Mya’s death photos seem to lead to actual photos of the YouTube star, so their existence is very possibly apocryphal.

Messy Mya (22) – a New Orleans based singer and YouTube comedian – was allegedly shot dead during his girlfriend’s baby shower, and the worse part is that his death photos were posted on a social networking website. It is really sad to see how technology turns people so inquisitive, and even someone’s death doesn’t matter to them.
The fans of the singer were really outraged as his death photos were posted on a social networking site where the internet users could download them or even repost them on various other websites. This is an utter disrespect to someone’s death and some strong action must be taken against it.
According to the photos it looks that he was lying dead on the street and a huge crowd gathered around to see what had happened, and a spectator had actually clicked photos of his dead body and posted them on the website. It is really not known how he died or was killed, but it is not appropriate at all to post a dead man’s photographs on the internet just to gain popularity and traffic.

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