New contract of Howard Stern

The Howard Stern contract has been renewed. Howard Stern has announced, in his own lengthy pandering fashion, that he has signed a contract for five more years of spewing garbage on Syrius XM. If you listen on a Blackberry or iPhone, don’t worry… Those apps are covered in his contract as well. I gather that was important to him. He also said that ‘initially’ he will be broadcasting in his usual 6-10 a.m. time slot, which leads me to wonder if in the future he will pollute the airwaves later in the day? Perhaps in the evening, in a primetime slot?
I’m sure I’ll get a lot of hate mail about my feelings toward Howard Stern, but really the guy nauseates me. He’s worse than Rush Limbaugh, as he seems to revel in the smuttiest things he can find. Such as his interview yesterday with aging rock groupie Sweet Connie Hamzy. That woman did not need any air time. She has a book of her lies that people can read if they want. Although it’s possible that neither Stern nor his listeners are capable of reading a book all the way through.

New contract of Howard Stern
Howard Stern.

“He is one of the few ‘one-name’ entertainers in the country and our 20 million subscribers are lucky to have him” – added the CEO in a statement to THR.
Despite sometimes tense contract negotiations, Sirius XM’s CEO Mel Karmazin is thrilled Howard Stern will spend five more years at the satellite station.
“Howard is a great talent and we are thrilled that he will continue to provoke, engage and entertain on Sirius XM” – Karmazin said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “Our agreement is good news on all fronts – it is good for Sirius XM subscribers and good for Sirius XM stockholders.”
“Howard forever changed radio and was instrumental in putting Sirius on the map when he first launched on satellite radio” – Karmazin added. “He is one of the few ‘one-name’ entertainers in the country and our 20 million subscribers are lucky to have him.”
Stern in the statement highlighted that on his first day in satellite radio, Sirius had approximately 600.000 subscribers: “Today, the two companies have 20 million; and, in my view, we have just scratched the surface of how many people will get on board.”
Stern announced on his radio show Thursday that he signed another five-year contract with Sirius/XM.
Without discussing specific figures, he said it was ‘very fair.’
His five-year, 500 million dollars deal wraps up at the end of this year.

“I’m in a good mood. I sat down and looked at the landscape. We have over 20 million subscribers. We did what everyone said we couldn’t do. I’m excited about it.” – Stern told Good Day New York.
The Sirius/XM Radio host announced during his show on Thursday that he had agreed to extend his contract for five years.
“I signed for 100 billion dollars. I now own Rupert Murdoch.” – joked the radio personality in a phone interview with GDNY.
The self-proclaimed ‘King of all Media’ left terrestrial radio to join paid, subscriber radio in 2005.

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