What happened to Serene Branson

CBS Los Angeles reporter Serene Branson is feeling fine today following a worrisome episode during last night’s Grammy telecast.
While doing a live report from the red carpet she slurred her speech. And seemed to some viewers as if she were having a stroke. Branson was cleared by paramedics. Who examined her following the broadcast saying her vital signs were normal.
A colleague drove her home as a precaution. Speculation on what happened centers on a possible transient ischemic attack (TIA) which caused her to experience aphasia, or altered speech patterns.
TIA happens when a blockage occurs in the blood supply to the brain, causing stroke-like symptoms.

What happened to Serene Branson
Serene Branson.

Serene Branson’s video is prompting discussions about strokes and transient ischemic attacks tonight.
Serene Branson last night appeared to be having a stroke on air. But was she?
As reported before dawn on Lalate, British news claimed that Branson was hospitalized overnight. She wasn’t, says Branson and her station. But now other news channels are now asking the question of whether Branson should have sought medical attention, rather than simply go home and rest.
On Sunday evening, CBS aired the Grammys telecast. Afterwards, CBS2 News’ Serene Branson was to do the evening recap. An in-studio anchor sent the live broadcast to Branson. Branson appeared happy, pleasant, and stood in perfect posture.
But as soon as Serene Branson began to speak, she couldn’t formulate a word. Or a sentence, slurring every syllable. By Sunday evening, Twitter was a blaze with disparaging comments by people thinking that Branson had simply committed a news reporter blunder. But shortly thereafter, it appeared there was nothing humorous about the situation whatsoever.
By late evening, British news reported that Branson may have suffered a stroke and that she was hospitalized. Both reports were false. As Monday started, U.S. news revisited the subject. Branson tweeted that she was fine. Her station issued a statement that she had her vital signs checked and was taken home by a friend.


A little known TV reporter has shot to popularity but for the wrong reason. Serene Branson, a reporter for CBS Channel 2 in Los Angeles, experienced the nightmare that haunts every broadcast journalist (mangled speech), while reporting live from the Grammys.
After Branson’s struggle with an apparent tongue tie went on air, media as well as the internet was buzzing with possible causes behind the incident. While some speculated that the reporter might have been hitting the bottle, there were other reports that Branson might have had a stroke while on air.
The network (however) released a statement on Branson’s condition stating that there was nothing physically wrong with the reporter and that she had said that she was fine the next morning.
“Serene Branson was examined by paramedics on scene immediately after her broadcast. Her vital signs were normal. She was not hospitalized. As a precautionary measure, a colleague gave her a ride home and she says that she is feeling fine this morning” – the statement said.
Meanwhile, the field reporter also took to Twitter to clarify that “it was just the nerves.”
“Oh my! Serene Branson is trending? I’m sorry, it was just the nerves” – Branson posted on the microblogging site after her nephews created a Twitter account for her on finding that Serene Branson was among the trending topics.
The reporter also tried to dispel the rumors that she was in hospital and urged the people to “stop these rumors.”

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