‘Basketball Wives’ new season

‘Basketball Wives’ season 3 is making waves across the world and its latest season is going to be more or at least as enticing as the second season that was very well received throughout the duration of its broadcast.
‘Basketball Wives’’ third season is going to include not just wives of prominent football players but also their girl friends and ex wives and ex girlfriends. This all mix up is certainly going to spice up things for the viewers and make it unpredictable for the football players whose current or exs are going to be part of the reality show.
Shaunie O’Neal who is an important part of the show on VH1 says that the reality show will make the whole experience of watching television and more especially reality show a much more interesting things for one and all.
While talking to ESPN she said: “Along with our normal drama you’ll get to dip into the ladies personal lives a little more… More kids, you’ll get to meet some of the ladies parents and hear their story a little more. It becomes a little more personal this season.”
She went on to add: “It was important to me, because we have kids, that we stay cool… We don’t have to be BFF. We don’t have to talk every day or anything like that, but we’re parents first and it’s important that we stay good.”

'Basketball Wives' new season
Shaunie O'Neal.

The third season of ‘Basketball Wives’ is back Monday on VH1, and while some players might be frightened about what the ladies will say, the queen bee of the cast (which includes wives, ex-wives, girlfriends and ex-girlfriends) Shaunie O’Neal, says it’s all in good fun and nothing is changing.
O’Neal’s role on the show has become that of a peacemaker while the other ladies duke it out and occasionally throw punches. Yes, actual punches. In last season’s finale a fight broke out between Antoine Walker’s ex-fiancée Evelyn Lozada and Kenny Anderson’s ex-wife Tami Roman.
While the player cameos have been kept to a minimum, the women are more than happy to talk about their current and former men – although a lawsuit from Dwight Howard against his ex Royce Reed has squashed most of her banter. But you won’t hear Shaunie talk poorly about Shaq.
O’Neal’s become quite the entrepreneur. She’s has a shoe line, another show for VH1 she’s producing in the works and an upcoming book. In between a trip to Costco and filming an episode of ‘Basketball Wives’, she was able to answer some more of our questions about being a basketball wife.
What does it take to be a good basketball wife?
Honestly, it takes a lot. Some thick skin and real support coming from both sides. I think that becomes very important, especially when the wife has an identity and wants to do things on her own.
Who’s wedding will be bigger – Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries or your cast mate Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco?
Evelyn, I know she wants something spectacular and knowing Chad, he does too. But then again, Kim is pretty big too so I don’t know! That’s going to be a close call. I have to go with my girl, Ev.


Evelyn Lozada is holding ‘Basketball Wives’ together by a string.
“If you have ever read anything that I have written before, I apologize. I tend to get a bit snooty when it comes to my entertainment.
This includes TV shows as well s sporting events. I have covered everything from Dancing with the Stars to Cricket. While I am still trying to grasp the finer workings of Cricket, I have a pretty good grasp on quality television.
I have after all been watching since I was able to open my eyes. I have tried to watch Basketball Wives, a show on loosely tied to anything basketball.
Its biggest star, Evelyn Lozada is marrying Chad Ochocinco, a wide receiver for crying out loud. My biggest problem with the show is substance.
I love me some drama, I really do. If there was a subscription needed to watch Maury Povich, I would fork over whatever the cost.
The drama in Basketball Wives is just to over blown. I can’t remotely relate to their plights, and I am really trying people.
The third season premiered on Monday evening. Once again I was treated to wives and girlfriends of past and current athletes living the good life.”

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