Diver almost swallowed by Whale Shark

The largest fish in the sea is Whale Shark that is found in warm water around the world. New Zealand ‘s 3 News Report gives the result of 250 Whale sharks are sighted hitherto would be the positive sign of this species on Yesterday in Mexican Coast. More than hundreds of Whale Shark meets every annual summer of worship in the place of Gulf of Mexico. The massive fish coverage in the coastal waters from May to September and the Aerial survey showed, 420 Whale were recorded in 2009. Whale shark fish grows up to 65 feet long and had the average weight of 10 tons that is larger than school bus which mouth opens in wide range that could be easy swallowing of a person. It feeds by swimming and the wide open of swallowing and digesting anything that goes inside.

The diver escaped untroubled and safely from the giant of the Whale Shark and The diver continued for enjoying the presence of amazing fact of the ocean world that is submissive creature. Whale shark could be recorded the range of 15 tones weight and 46 feet in length and average the whales having the length of 26 feet that had the capacity on the diver range is 4.8 kilometers and it goes on entire body moving from side to side change and its living period is 60 to150 years. The jaws is swallowed hugely the portion of sea and species.The largest fish Whale Shark is the gigantic figure in the Ocean and it is mainly used for Ocean stability of species of food chain. In sea water potential and salt content balanced by the submissive fish. It was first found in the place of Table Bay South Africa but now Mexico Coast of ocean region now it had the place for meeting of Whale Shark.

Diver almost swallowed by Whale Shark
Whale Shark.

The largest fish in the ocean is the whale shark, found in warm water all around the world. This fish grows to be 65 feet long and has a weight of 10 tons. That’s larger than a school bus!
The mouth of the fish can open as wide as the grill and hood section of the bus, easily capable of swallowing a person. The whale shark feeds by swimming with its mouth wide open swallowing and later digesting anything that goes in.
So that day almost 3,000 years ago when Jonah was thrown into the ocean, he could have easily become breakfast, dinner or supper for the largest fish in the ocean. So there is nothing in my mind that can support the idea that the Jonah story is mythical.
Jonah found himself in such a desperate position because he was reluctant to carry God’s message to those he disliked. He wanted to be comfortable when he spoke about God, choosing to whom he would go. So, he ran away.
Jonah’s destination, before God intervened with his flight, was Tarshish. Tarshish, thought to be in Spain, was at the opposite end of the known world at that time. Jonah wanted to get as far as he could away from God’s voice. We can run from God, but we can’t hide, as Jonah found out.
As soon as God asked Jonah to go to the enemy with the salvation story, Jonah had a problem. He had attempted to place boundaries and limitations on who could, or who couldn’t, be saved.
He tried so hard to put God in a neat little box which could be opened and shared only with those whom Jonah approved. This would effectively negate the Abrahamic covenant in which God had said that not only would he bless the future Jewish nation, but that nation would be a blessing to all people.
So when God asked Jonah to take the message of hope and salvation to the city of Nineveh in the heart of enemy territory, Jonah went the other way. Jonah ran from God’s call, trying to hide from God because he had the stain of the sins of prejudice, selfishness and a lack of love and compassion for others who were different from himself.

Imagine staring at the largest fish in the ocean as it swims straight towards you with its huge mouth wide open. Would you be panicking? What would you do? Would you be a little more relaxed if you knew the monstrous marine animal only ate plankton and small marine life? What if you also knew the fish couldn’t see really well? It doesn’t know if you are plankton or not.
A diver, almost swallowed by a whale shark off the coast of Mexico, didn’t have to imagine this frightening scenario. It really happened, and the diver almost ended up in the belly of the whale. Or did he?
The diver that almost became lunch was a photographer who was snapping photos in the midst of about 600 of 40-foot long whale sharks during a feeding frenzy. The sharks were getting their fill of tuna spawn and had no desire to devour a diver.
The photograph is amazing and shows just how close this diver came to being sucked in this poor unsuspecting and stunningly majestic whale’s enormous mouth which measures up to 1.5 meters wide and holds up to 350 rows of teeth. That’s a lot of chompers. Despite all their pearly whites, this docile shark eats by sucking in huge amounts of water filled with spawn into its jaws and filtering its feed.
According to sources, if the diver almost swallowed by the whale shark had actually been sucked in, the shark would have just spat him back out. What a relief!
So, even though the chances were slim the diver would have made it into the belly of the whale, the diver was probably quite relieved to be able to escape those 350 rows of tiny teeth and the horrifying experience of being sucked into a huge mouth anyway.

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