Justin Bieber and cancer

Oops. The internet pranksters at the 4chan message boards schemed up an elaborate hoax to fool Justin Bieber fans into thinking that their idol has cancer, which he certainly doesn’t. Not cool, 4chan.
The tricksters faked a tweet from Entertainment Tonight’s official account, reading “Pop star Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer earlier this morning. Bieber fans are shaving their heads to show their support.”
They doctored a few photos of young girls with shaved heads to make it appear that they were holding signs reading “Bald for Bieber.” They then created false images of more tweets – one from Justin, thanking ET for their support, and tweets from Kanye West and Chris Brown offering Justin words of encouragement.

Justin Bieber and cancer
Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber’s fans don’t need to shave their heads since the 18-year-old singer doesn’t suffer from cancer at all. A hashtag #baldforbieber was trending for a while on Twitter, but faded as soon as people found out the truth. Kenny Hamilton, Justin’s bodyguard tweeted, “No,” on Friday, Oct. 26, to reply to a friend’s question, “Is it true about justin having cancer?”
So far, no real Beliebers make a claim that they were victims of the cancer hoax. Additionally, the “Never Say Never” singer hasn’t made any comments on it yet.
Some of the singer’s fans were not convinced by the hoax. A fan joked: “Shave your beaver for Bieber.” Another one tweeted, “It’s sad that girls are going #BaldForBieber because I bet if one of their family members had cancer they wouldn’t even shave their heads.”
Previously, a YouTube video uploaded on Tuesday, October 23, entitled “Justin Bieber has cancer, support him! #baldforbieber” featured bald girls to support the “As Long As You Love Me” singer. A hairless girl smiled in the video with a statement written down: “I went bald for Justin will you??? #FORJUSTIN.”

Does Justin Bieber have cancer? On Thursday, a new Twitter trend “#BaldForBieber” swept the web and left many fans wondering if their beloved Bieber really did have cancer.
The story started when a screenshot of a tweet from Entertainment Tonight popped up which claimed that Justin Bieber had been diagnosed with cancer. The story goes that the tweet was quickly deleted, but not before some sly fans caught on and started the movement “#BaldForBieber” in which fans started to shave their heads in support for the pop singer.
But, is there any truth to the story? While Justin Bieber himself has not yet responded to the rumors, his bodyguard Kenny Hamilton did and claims that the story is false.
Despite Kenny’s claims, there are still people who believe the #BaldForBieber cause is legitimate. Of course, there are many flaws in the story which help point to a hoax. Not only was the tweet “mysteriously deleted,” but it also had a reported reply from Justin Bieber’s Twitter. Why would he reply publicly to the tweet, but then not say anything after it was deleted?
Then, there is the issue with people shaving their heads. It seems that some of these photos are indeed real and that these hardcore Beliebers would support their idol no matter what. If the story is false as Kenny Hamilton says it is, then these fans are sporting a new hairdo for nothing. Still, it is great to see that there are people who are willing to support the cause no matter what.

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